I’ve started this blog as a way to process what is happening this year in my life.  Some tumultuous times behind me and no doubt some more before me as I am struggling trying to find my new self in the midst of divorce.  Consider this a journal of divorce if you will.  The strange and beautiful occurrences, the grief, the humor.  Welcome.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Heather dear, Rats! How terrible. Have you contacted the city? They may well have a unit which will help-gratis. I take it they are not Reeses’ meal of choice.
    Who would destroy a poetry post? Weird. Hope you took put some of your frustrations by hammering it back into place!

    • The city is part of the problem since they have cut budgets, no rat baiting in eight years. Meaning every time a sewer line breaks and the city comes out to dig, guess what comes up and goes into the homes along the street?

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