R.I.P. Reeses


beautiful brown cat

Reeses Elliot was born April 16, 1995 on a buffalo farm in northern Idaho.  She was the smallest of her litter, but made up for her size in personality (a phenomenon known as tortitude in tortoiseshell cats). As a kitten she liked to fetch and learned to sit on command, and would often follow her mom the few blocks to the laundry mat and sometimes attempted to follow her to class. She led an adventurous gypsy life and learned to love riding in cars, though only if she could be in a lap—not in a crate. Each new home was a thrilling discovery, whether it be a quiet spot in the garden to sit or beams to walk on above the living room. She enjoyed being included in conversation, coming home greetings (gorgeous one!  beautiful cat!), breakfast seated in a chair at the table, and of course sleeping in beds with her people. She and her mom shared a very strong bond which only grew with the years and experiences shared. Reeses passed away peacefully at home on August 9, 2014.  She was a constant companion who was loved and a special friend who will be missed.


6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Reeses

  1. So sorry, Heather. She was a nice cat, even if she did bite me….twice. I probably deserved it since I petted her without asking her permission first.

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