R.I.P. Dylan


skunky-tailed avenger

Dylan Fox Elliot (née Zoe) was born on July 1,1997 in Moscow Idaho and adopted from the shelter October 1, 1997 by the Elliot family (which included a mom, dad, older cat sister Reeses, and older dog brother Larry).  Dylan quickly and succinctly learned many commands without much teaching or trouble.  She liked to lay outside in the sun enjoying the day, prancing like a show dog, and giving a bark of joy to greet the morning.  But her favorite things in the world were car rides, swimming, and boys.  She loved her dad, brother, and grandpas most of all and craved boyish adventure.  She moved to Salt Lake City Utah after her parents graduated university and there discovered her true terrors (in addition to the vacuum) fireworks and thunder.  She camped and hiked in the Uintas, Escalante, and Moab.  When it was time for her family to relocate to England, she bided her time with her siblings between grandparents’ homes until she could be brought directly into the country.  At first, she lived in a rural village where she loved to go for long walks along the canal spotting ducks and romping in fields before she moved to London and became a sophisticated city dog.  There she ran in the park with her mom, trotted on pavement past shops, and frightened away two burglars.  While abroad, she vacationed at Dover, Wales, and Cornwall.  Dylan was a very well traveled dog.  Her next great adventure would be to re-cross the sea back to the states, which she did with gusto.  Landing in Portland, she blossomed as a mature dog with a lot of experience under her harness.  Here she was loved by all and became a superstar of sorts, loving every bit of attention.  She loved to go for walks around the city, but she never tired of a ride in the car and exploring new places was always a treat.  Ashland and the Oregon Coast were favorites.  Dylan died peacefully at home on February 12, 2014.  She led a very full and long life, brought much happiness, was loved and will be missed.


6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Dylan

  1. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing friend! I’m so sorry for your loss. I think of you often and pray you will enter a new season of contentment and true joy.

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