A Belated Christmas Letter

Well, the Mayans were wrong.  I was waiting and preparing for the end of the world, and thought it silly to send off another Christmas letter in the face of impending doom, but life goes on and it’s been an entire year since you’ve had an update (unless of course, you’ve been checking the sporadic blog posts).

2012 has been quite remarkable really.  I’ve been keeping myself very busy.  I only have two semesters of graduate school remaining, which will have me an official librarian by August 2013 (fingers crossed).  It cannot come quickly enough.  My very mature opinion on the matter is that it is stupid and I hate it.

Friends and family have rallied around and I have hosted a few fun things like the Naked Lady Party (also known as a clothing exchange, which I think will become a yearly thing), a 4th of July Picnic, and a Bastille Day Party.

Also, I have taken up the cello.  My neighbors offered me their daughter’s student cello to borrow and I began at the beginning, as you do, learning how to read music.  I can now play the crap out of Mary Had a Little Lamb, Frere Jacques, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Japanese Garden, and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Currently, I am struggling through Minuet in C by Bach.  It is coming along slowly, but seeing where I started with things, it’s impressive.

There were also a few get-aways this year. Friend Aimee and I escaped in April for a long weekend to Ashland where we treated ourselves to a few nights in the gloriously old-fashioned (not unlike myself) Ashland Springs Hotel and a play.  In May, the girls and I (Dylan dog & Reeses Cat) spent a week at the library cottage on the coast just staring out at the sea.  And in August the sexy silver fox, that would be my cute little Honda, carried a companion (dare I say…boyfriend?) and I across Oregon, down through Idaho and Utah, stopping in Salt Lake City and then on to Moab.

We continued our journey through New Mexico, camping in Chaco Canyon and documenting the ruins, and then luxuriating in a fantastic hotel in Santa Fe for a few well-deserved nights.  Spent an afternoon swimming in the Rio Grande and sunning ourselves, and then it was back on the road, a little corner of Colorado, and up into Utah again. Explored Escalante, the slot canyons Peek-a-Boo and Spooky.  I wandered up alone, after dropping my navigator off in Salt Lake City, through Idaho, stopping to visit friend Rachael and venture into the ice caves and weirdo bird museum (creepy!) and then on a bit further for a little family reunion.  Sister and the nieces came to stay in Portland not once but twice, as did brother.  They tackled some household repairs and brother played at being handyman for a weekend.   My house and I thank them, as will future houseguests when sleeping on the new futon.

When reflecting back through a year that began on such a heartbreaking note, I must say that it was surprising.  Surprising is the best description I can give to 2012, year of the dragon.  I have grown closer to my family, so many new and great people are a part of my life, my friendships have deepened, and I feel strong and able to cope with just about anything (please don’t test me please don’t test me please don’t test me).  I am hoping that 2013 will be spectacular.  I mean, we get to live on the planet just a bit longer afterall and if that is not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.


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