My Very Bad No Good Horrible Week

It didn’t begin that way, but by Tuesday evening things had started to turn.  Wednesday night I had a date with my husband at the house.  It was our first sit down talk about divorce.  Yes, it’s definitely happening and here’s how discussion.  Lovely.  The actual time spent with him was okay.  It was really nice to see him and talk and I cried, but it was civilized, and he wasn’t trying to be an ass, he just is.  Tried to get him to articulate a little more on the reasons.  Really?  I asked.  You’re doing this to ride your bike and play your guitar more?  And he responded that he was also excited about an idea for starting his own company one day and how that would take sacrifice.  Just call me sacrificial lamb.  You do realize people start businesses all the time and don’t leave their spouses right?  Very fortunate for him our state is a no fault divorce state.

Thursday, while inserting my menstrual cup (what? too much information?) I discovered a small hard lump on my cervix.  Wonderful.

Friday I got a text from dark horse asking if I was available to talk.  Great.  Managed to avoid it till Sunday when boyfriend broke up with me.  He thinks I’m great, but he’s got shit to sort out.  Yeah, me too.  Still, it was the healthiest break up I’ve ever experienced, and the most grown-up, well-considered, growing relationship.  No regrets.

This week has me sorting at least some of my shit out, with a doctor’s appointment and a visit to my attorney.

Can anyone top that?


8 thoughts on “My Very Bad No Good Horrible Week

  1. Good riddance to the two shmucks I say! You deserve better. As for the lump, I’m glad you’re having it checked out. Keep us posted. I’m sure it’s something harmless like a cyst, but better safe than sorry.

    • I know I do. But I don’t think husband is a schmuck…arrogant bastard, perhaps. And dark horse isn’t either. He is a cutie with issues to deal with, definitely, but so tremendously helpful still. That he was physically affectionate and able to verbalize what he liked about me and the way he saw me in the world was a really positive thing. Built me up a bit. Just what I needed. And about the lump, doctor said it sounded like a cyst, so hopefully nothing too too scary.

      • I stand by my previous statement. They’re both shmucks because neither of them realized what they had when they had it. I’m not saying they’re completely without value, both have positive qualities, and will always be a part of your life (which you will hopefully be able to look back on fondly someday). That said, I truly believe you will be happier in the long run without these gentlemen as a fixture in your daily life. There is someone out there who can devote himself to a relationship with you 100%, in an way neither of them ever could.

      • I think perhaps schmuck number 2 does realize but he can’t quite get it together. Schmuck number one is completely oblivious, to all hurt he has caused, to the devastation, to his animals, to me. I’m not holding my breath for that 100% guy. It would be great in theory, but I would probably just think he was kind of creepy. How messed up is that?

  2. I have to agree with Rachael. A clean break and a new start sounds best all the way around. But in the end, you do have to follow your heart…as long as you have first listened to your head and evaluated what it tells you.

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