The Silver Fox is Masquerading as a Mink

I’m in love.  That’s right, in love…with my car.  It’s been a long while since I owned my own car.  Gave it up a few years into the marriage in order to share one vehicle, as it was the sensible (we didn’t need two cars) environmentally friendly thing to do.  I stick with that decision.  That said, I missed that freeing feeling of driving, of something being my very own.  Mine, to keep as clean or dirty filthy as I like.  Living where I do, it’s not absolutely necessary that I have a car and drive, I live in a great neighborhood in walking distance of shops, restaurants, and grocery stores and public transport is pretty efficient for the states.  And I love being able to walk everywhere—love love love walking.  But I’ve never been one of those I hate cars kind of people.  I kind of wish I was one of them, but I really like driving on a sunny day with the windows down, hand on the gear shift, music playing.  It’s enjoyable.  It makes me happy.  I like driving and it’s something I’d forgotten I once enjoyed so much.

In the marriage, I would always acquiesce to husband driving, even though I was the better driver, and I’m not just saying that to be spiteful, really truly, I was the better driver.  I was more alert, more in control of the vehicle, and much smoother with my transitions.  John was all gas and brake.  Very sudden with his movements and decisions…hmmm.

I took the car (I’ve named it the silver fox) in to have its comprehensive inspection and an oil change and came away with an expensive list of things that need fixing. Manifold, cracked ($1,212). Rear brake shoes, wheel cylinders, and machine drums, worn ($395). Timing belt, oil seals, water pump, and belts in general ($850-950). Battery, corroded ($180).  Fluid, needs flushing ($122).  Clutch master and slave cylinders, need to be replaced as well as a fluid flush ($505).  And a general tune up on a 14-year-old car ($395). It’s beginning to sound a little like a mastercard commercial.  Not having to haul a bucket of cat litter and a bag of dog food home in the rain…priceless.


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