My Goodbye List

This is a recommended exercise out of Fisher’s Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends book.  A very helpful tome for such trying times.

Goodbye to

Arms around me
Saying I love you
Knowing another body as well as my own
Sleeping beside someone
Holding hands
Someone to come home to
Telling someone about my day
Someone who knows me completely
Shared jokes, language, looks

Goodbye and Good Riddance to

Buying cereal and milk
Listening to someone slurp their milk when eating cereal
Cleaning up messes I didn’t create
Feeling lonely with someone else present
Listening to music I don’t like that makes me sad
Doing activities together but ending up alone
Looking to someone else for an answer
Cooking a variety of food
Asking permission
Waiting for approval


10 Things I’m Ready to Say Hello to

Eating the same simple thing for multiple meals multiple days in a row
Taking a bath early and hanging out in pajamas or a robe for the rest of the night
Listening to the same song or album as many times and as long as I want to
Watching films I like
Exercising any time of day or night
Blending a smoothie at four in the morning if I want one
Vacuuming as early or late as needed
Building friendships with other people
Flirting madly
Discovering new passions and rediscovering old loves


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