The Shopping Habits of Single Girls

I have been indoctrinated into the ways of the single woman and her shopping habits.  Sipping a mimosa over breakfast (yes I drink before noon and some days well before 10am—and who am I kidding about the sipping?), I plotted out a busy day of shopping with a friend.  Told I should acquire an array of sexy lingerie and a vibrator, we thus went about town with that mission in mind.  I must be dyslexic because I came away with only one set of qualifying underwear and an arsenal of sex toys instead.  Ah well.

Lately I’ve been given a hard time by a few thinking I should be out there dancing on tables and taking to bed any warm body available.  But that’s not really my style is it?  Very déclassé that.  I have standards, values, taste…and I don’t think casual sex would be very fulfilling.  At any rate, I’m not that girl.  And since I have a lot to work through with myself before becoming properly involved, I have sided with Woody Allen on this one, which is, sex with yourself is sex with someone you love.


2 thoughts on “The Shopping Habits of Single Girls

  1. Quite pleased with what we arrived home with that day!! I adore you, Heather, and I admire your strength and passion for sex toys. 😉 Love you, darling.

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