You Fucked That Song Up For Me…Thanks

This is one of the many reasons I love working in a library.  Because brilliant little gems like this cross my path and make me smile.  The title is self-explanatory and it includes the usual mix of depressing tunes on a cd in the back along with an explanation of why each of these songs has been destroyed forever.

Having made a little 1990s pre-marriage break-up mix for myself to listen to, this spoke to me and started me thinking.   Not only did my husband fuck that song up for me, he took it a step further.  Music that has been ruined extends to whole albums, even entire genres of music, I now find unlistenable.  Okay, so the melancholy guitar was wearing on me long before this, but I could at least bear to listen to a few chords without bursting into tears…no tears, though it did always make suicide somewhat more appealing (Iron and Wine, I’m thinking about you).  Road-trip music like Tom Petty is off limits now, as it was sort of the anthem of our courtship.  Did I keep these anthems when dividing the music collection?  Of course I did.  Will I ever listen to them again?  Not bloody likely.  I should have paid more attention perhaps when my husband, let’s call him John, insisted on singing loudly along with Free Fallin’ (since getting back together after the first break-up in university).  “And I’m a bad boy, cause I don’t even miss her, I’m a bad boy for breaking her heart.  Now I’m free, free fallin.”  Well, he certainly is now isn’t he?

I’ve gone back to INXS, and U2 as well, though it was heavy in the courting days.  Thankfully it predates my husband by a boyfriend, so it’s safe.  I have not been able to return to Eric Clapton because I failed so miserably with James Taylor.  Ray Lamontagne I’ve tried tentatively, as I have Josh Ritter and Nick Drake.  All made me sad, but I owned the sadness.  This leaves me with Motown, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Al Green (bless them) and classic jazz tunes.  The blues are quite tolerable too.  Because my range has shrunk considerably, I have reached into my childhood for others and chosen to reintroduce a little country via Randy Travis and also a bit of lounge lizard in Barry Manilow…(What kind of messed up childhood did I have you may be wondering?)

I am wide open to discovering new music that speaks to me.  And if I never hear another singer/songwriter wanking on guitar, it may well be too soon.  And I can live with that.


6 thoughts on “You Fucked That Song Up For Me…Thanks

  1. Okay, that’s pretty awesome finding that. I have a short list of songs, mostly Extreme’s More Than Words and Rod Stewart’s Maggie May. Maggie May isn’t so bad since our dog is named Maggie as well, so I can at least sing it to the dog. Led Zeppelin was on the list too for a bit but they can transcend a heartbreak. 🙂 More Than Words has been forever banished and also I Can See Clearly Now (He can go just straight to bloody hell with his bright shiny day)

    • I thought it rather fortuitous myself.
      Today I heard Peter Cetera’s Glory of Love in the grocery store, and though it is completely unrelated to my current situation and has no particular memories attached, I still started to cry. Possibly because it’s so bad?

  2. Fuck Peter Cetera!
    I’ve had the same problem in the past just because it’s a sappy song 😦
    New Kids on the Block FTW!!! I totally remember you getting me into them.

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